Corporate Social Responsibility: Profits or Planet?

Green marketing, green designing, sustainable marketing, etc are the buzzwords of the new generation marketing. Ever since the ecological concerns have crept in the psyche of the marketers, anything that is green has become venerable. Corporate and industries have been at the receiving end of the blame game that wants to locate the blame on somebody else and clean the self from its guilt. In order to oblige to the planet, corporate have added a social rather ‘ecological’ responsibility upon its shoulder.

Corporate social responsibilities should not be limited only to social contributions that encompass education, better living, health and cultural exchanges. As major contributors to the planet’s well being, and more appropriately ill being, corporate are realizing their accountability towards restricting further damage to the ecology.

This has, in fact, put many corporate in quandary. It is an imperative for the corporate to adopt advanced technologies to maximize their efficiency. At the same time they are forced to convert to non-conventional methodologies that may not be equally efficient, to preserve the environs.

Advanced technologies, most of which were introduced towards the last quarter of 20th century, are effective in maximizing the utilization of available resources without paying much heed to its impact on the ecology. These technologies were mainly concerned with garnering maximum revenues for the entrepreneurs.

The beginning of 21st century has thrown a spanner in the wheel by inputting the ideology of the corporate with eco-guilty consciousness. Most of the corporate were used as a scapegoat to pass on the blame of endangered ecology and imbalanced growth. Individual contributions towards ecological problems like global warming, pollution, etc, and misplaced government policies were swept under the corporate rags.

The important point that was sidelined was that the corporate are here to make profits. Most of them do it within the legal and ethical framework. They should not be held outright responsible for the damaged caused to the environments.
If the corporate spend their efforts on ecological sustenance, they may have to compromise with a major chunk of their profits. Though the advent of green technology is taking certain strides, it is in nascent stage that still is a far shot from its total acceptance and adaptability.

Corporate may be sitting on a fence as far as changing their designing and manufacturing processes are concerned. However, it looks imperative that they will have to forgo their short term profits in order to gain long term benefits for the planet.

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