Is cloud computing a risky business?

Data has been the game changer in the fluctuating business environment during the last half decade. The volume of data at our fingertips is boggling at times – and i am speaking about a regular web citizen like me who finds time to utilize the internet between the house chores and official duties. Consider the logistical nightmare that medium to large business houses (all industries) have to manage on a day-to-day basis. Cloud computingĀ  brought some worthy options to tackle the the unmanageable flow of transactional data within and outside the organizations. The old concept of decentralized data combined with parallel processing (remember mainframes) seemed to have eased the data congestion by opening dozens of single lane information highways. The crowd (CEOs, CMOs, CIOs and everybody around the C Suits) loved it. Well, as the adage goes, ‘Every sweet fruits has at least something bitter about it”.

Nothing comes without a rough edge – and so is theĀ  cloud computing. The omnipresence of data brought elements of risks along with the ease and speed of transactions. The infographic below captures the sentiments (cloud computing risks) of major players involved in the utilization of cloud computing….

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