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The evolving online panorama…

While market visibility and customer inquiry is central to every kind of business, travel and tourism business units have their lifeline attached to 24x7x365 visibility. Customer engagement and dialogue defines the visibility program for most of the success stories in this sector. Although the rules of market accessibility remain the same, the customer engagement protocol does take a different route for the travel industry. The efficacy and impact of multi-media messages have been recognized and leveraged by online marketing community for quite some time now. The decreasing attention span of online travel shoppers combined with the plethora of options creates a very competitive marketing mix – to say the least.

So, how can the travel industry players get their message and image across to the potential customers? What is the appropriate message format? Which content platform is best suited for the travel and tourism industry?

 As the internet economy reaches a stage of virtual maturity, the above questions are still being evaluated by online marketers in the context of travel segment. An entrenched survey of the travel marketing content floating across the web does give us a definitive direction – both as a business owner as well as an online marketer.


Podcasting has caught the fancy and lifestyle of upwardly mobile population – who also happen to be the biggest spenders in the travel segment. While audio podcasts has its own fan-following, it is the videocasts (Video Podcasts) that is making heads turn. A professionally made videocast can accelerate the decision making by more than 150% – Who needs it more than the travel industry?

 Who needs it more than the industry where visual stimulus is everything?

So, what happens next? How does your rich media content make a difference?

 How does your new content make a difference to your business dynamics?


Some travel-worthy videocasts worth a mention here are…

[a] Hotel CoffeeA pilot’s travel experiences: Who says that pilot’s can only see straight ahead? A creative and techno-savvy airline pilot at Horizon airlines recalls interesting flying time between the smaller airports of western US – and to make it spicy, Dan does sprinkle his videocast with some good melodies. 

[b] Savory New York: It is well known fact that New York thinks and sleeps food and this problem of plenty does leave the gastronomically inclined people indecisive at most times. To take a bite out of this, Savory New York creates videocasts of restaurants by actually talking to the person in charge – the famous chefs of this landmark city. These videocasts are lapped up like hot cakes by the food roving eyes of the city dwellers as well as the visitors.

[c] Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase: Traveling out of your suitcase is no fun after a couple of months, and one needs a really humorous streak to get the fun going. That’s what Betty’s videocasts do – capture the tickling and humorous moments from across the world. Now, that’s called a great trip.

[d] The Travel Show:The Travel Show is a podcast and blog page hosted by Dr. Martin Fluker at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. His podcasts take “you on a virtual tour of the world, exposing you to places you’ve never been and taking you back to the places you remember fondly.”

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