Talking Book : Changing lives in Africa:!

Adversity breeds creativity and creativity inculcates innovation. This is nowhere more visible than in the remotest areas of Africa. Very true to the predictions of Charles Darwin, survival needs more than just the best instincts of human intelligence and adaptability. Years of strife and mismanagement have shredded the very structure of humanity – the clock starts ticking rapidly as soon as a child is born. But, this is also the playground of human resilience and ingenuity. ‘Talking Book’ is the brainchild of Literacy Bridge and for this life-transforming technology, Cliff Schmidt, the founder of Literacy Bridge has been awarded a membership by President Bill Clinton to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

Talking Book – At a glance!
This is in reality a very simple record-and-play audio device – manufactured for durability, Talking Book is designed for people with zero literacy and who still have not experienced the fruits of electricity. This portable device is utilized in the rural Africa to disseminate knowledge and current information in a very reliable and simplistic way. In Africa, where good transportation has still a long way to go, Talking Book is a splendid tool for teachers who complement their lessons with student-friendly interactive applications and audio books.

The philanthropists and field representatives procure Talking Books and record information about agriculture, health and education in their local languages and dialect. This stored information is then systematically permeated to every possible region which is willing to participate in the program – This program is always associated with an accompanying demonstration so that even a housewife / mother / grandmother can use it with ease.

Transforming life at birth!
Literacy Bridge is deeply involved in the maternity and maternal health programs in Africa – Talking Books are distributed freely to pregnant and young mothers as part of this program.

According to the Literacy Book founder -
“The devices will be loaded with health behavior messages created in collaboration with Ghana Health Service and UNICEF; and will include agriculture messages to help mothers identify and improve their production of crops that are most nutritious for children under five years of age. Simple messages, like hand-washing with soap and proper sowing of seeds, will result in behavior changes that are life-saving and life-changing. The project will show an extreme degree of transparency around the program costs to demonstrate to the world just how cost-effective the Talking Book is at improving health outcomes in a way that no organization has done before.“

Take a look at how Talking Book is helping the most impoverished rural families in creating a safer, healthier and a more educated society and next generation of African citizens…

Afri-Tech Johannesburg Summit (22th – 24th March, 2011) is a sincere attempt to create a mass scale awareness about the ‘synergy between the scientific community and the people of Africa’. This summit will witness the congregation of some of the most pioneering minds in the areas of Healthcare, Science & Technology, Education, Finance and Digital solutions – under one platform. We will need to churn out more innovations like Talking Book – which will work in favor of the African upliftment.

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